Meet Holly

Holly is an 8-year-old fairy princess who is still learning how to do magic properly. 

To your child, Holly is an aspirational character. Not only is she a princess, she’s also magic! What could be better? Holly is also relatable, however, as she can make mistakes and is a humble girl. This teaches your child about humility, and that getting things wrong is all right  as long as we can learn from our mistakes. The important thing is to try your best.

Download this activity sheet to create Holly's wand with your child!


Meet Ben

Ben is an 8-year-old elf, and Holly’s best friend. 

Your child will both aspire to be like Ben, but also see qualities of themself in him. He is a ‘normal’ boy, despite being an Elf! He tries hard, but can make mistakes, which children can relate to, and reflect on similar experiences that they have had or witnessed. However, Ben is an Elf living in a magical kingdom, therefore he is also aspirational to your child.

Download this activity sheet to create Ben's Horn with your little one.


Meet Gaston

Gaston the Ladybird is an extra special friend of Ben and Holly’s. He is very much like a dog he barks, pants when happy and loves fetching little sticks.

Gaston allows children to explore their messy side, as Gaston himself is so messy and often does things he shouldn’t. At a time when children are testing their own moral compass, Gaston gives them a safe way to explore it. Also, if your family have a pet yourselves, your child can recognise the relationship between Ben and Holly, and Gaston as similar to theirs with their pet thus strengthening their relationship with the show and characters.

Download this activity sheet to create Gaston's Cave with your little one.


Meet Nanny Plum

Nanny Plum is Holly, Daisy and Poppy’s fairy maid and teacher. 

Having a likeable, authoritative figure such as Nanny Plum gives your child a sense of security, knowing that no matter what happens, Nanny Plum will keep everyone safe, and fix anything that may go wrong!

Meet The Wise Old Elf

The Wise Old Elf is wise, old and an elf. He is the elf children’s teacher. 

The Wise Old Elf’s loathe of magic creates situations in which there is light conflict between him and magical characters, which will engage your child as they begin to explore their own morality and opinions. There is also a subtle element of ‘love to hate’ with Wise Old Elf, as your child will love to see magic in the show but Wise Old Elf tries to stop it. He is a loveable rogue!

Meet King and Queen Thistle

King and Queen Thistle are Holly, Daisy and Poppy’s parents. 

Although a King and Queen, Holly’s parents do very ‘normal’ things that parents do. King Thistle reads ‘Zap!” newspaper, and Queen Thistle loves to drink tea. This allows children to form a reflective identification with them, as they see qualities of their own parents and family dynamic.

Meet Daisy and Poppy

Daisy and Poppy are Holly’s baby twin sisters. They are not very good at all at either flying or magic – having been taught by Granny Thistle – but that doesn’t stop them trying. 

Daisy and Poppy represent the youngest energy in the show. Daisy and Poppy can be a bit naughty or clumsy, and at their age it’s ok. Your child will find comedy in this, but they will also recognise that they themselves are older than the twins. Girls especially love to nurture, and Daisy and Poppy give them the opportunity to do this.

Meet Mr and Mrs Elf

Mr Elf is Ben’s Dad. He loves working so much that he finds it difficult to relax. Mrs Elf is Ben’s Mum. Being an Elf, she is brave, strong and very good at doing lots and lots of things.  

Your child will recognise elements of their own family life in the characters of Mr and Mrs Elf. Elves are very industrious, and therefore will represent the population of hard-working, hands-on parents. Children will be familiar with this relationship within a family, and therefore make a reflective connection.

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